Saturday, February 24, 2018

Isn't It a Pity

February 25th is the 75th anniversary of George Harrison's birth.

I wish it were his 75th birthday. But of course, George is no longer with us.

I miss you, Beatle George.
I hope that he and Tom Petty and Roy Orbison are singing Traveling Wilburys songs in the afterlife, waiting patiently for Jeff Lynne and Bob Dylan to finish their (long, long) lives so they can get the band back together.

Ditto for Paul and Ringo. I hope the Beatles reunion doesn't happen for a good long while.

But Sunday is George's day.

I can't really pick a favorite Harrisong. There are too many.

But this one will do. Seven minutes of greatness here.

Happy Birthday, Beatle George.

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  1. I distinctly remember when I learned the news. I was walking by a co-worker's cubicle when she turned to me and said, "George Harrison's dead."
    And my first thought was about his solo work which provided a significant soundtrack to my teen years and my second thought was about the Traveling Wilburys.
    And then she said, "Half the Beatles are gone."
    The Quiet One touched quite a few lives.


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