Saturday, December 16, 2017

The Last Jedi...Sure.

I'm seeing The Last Jedi tomorrow.

Love you, Carrie.
Oh....Seeing it with my daughter...

and my ex.

That's good...right?

I mean, sure, that's normal. 

We're still a family, I guess, despite the whole divorce thing. Right?

I mean... It's not like it matters, you know?

Tell me if that's just too weird.



  1. Why should it be weird?

    Except for the part about watching Star Wars. Now that's weird.

  2. I saw it on Friday, and I don't beieve there are any moments in it that will reflect back on your family viewing situation in some kind of creepy, recursive way. No exes or uncomfortable family things in the movie.

    But I can't believe they killed R2D2 in such a hideous way.

    See what I did there? Now you're going to sit there wondering whether or not I just posted a real spoiler. Which would make me a jerk, if true - but it would make Disney a bunch of jerks, too.

    Poor R2D2...

  3. Well, it’s not like there are any weird family dynamics in Star Wars.
    Leia: I kissed my brother.
    Cersei Lannister: Amateur.


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