Sunday, October 29, 2017

Happy Happy Birthday Baby

Drummer Boy's birthday was a few days ago.

Cue dog in sunglasses. As one does.
Because life is what life is, I didn't see Drummer Boy on his actual birthday. I didn't see him until today. We made queso, we watched the Cowboys beat the Redskins, we had adultprivatesexytime.

And I gave him a birthday present.

It wasn't anything fancy. Just a framed picture that I thought he would appreciate and enjoy.

And he did.

You guys.

When you give someone a gift, and he/she responds by saying, "You know me," then you've been given a gift as well.

When someone you love sheds tears because your gift has touched them that much...that feels really, really good.

When you can hold someone, and feel their love without speaking a word, you've got something pretty special in your life.

Happy Birthday, Drummer Boy. I love you to the moon and back.

And I'll see you tomorrow. <3


  1. So, a late October birthday makes him a Scorpio, right? Not that I put any stock in horoscopes, being a Sagittarius.


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