Friday, July 14, 2017

I'm Mom Squared. Kind of Officially Now. Deal with It.

Not going to talk about Russian collusion or giant sinkholes in Florida or Wimbledon tonight.

Or Bastille, even though technically it was their day today.
Instead, I'm going to talk about boba.

No no no...not the Fett.

The beverage.

Boba tea.

This weird shit here, yeah.

Right now, Precocious Daughter is drinking boba. Because her best friend texted her and said,
"Hey, let's go get boba."

And off she went.

I did the same thing when I was 17. Only it was more likely Half-Price Books or the Granada Theater or Bennigan's, because it was the 1980s.

Not this, but somehow this.
The point is, PDaughter's best friend has her driver's license. So they go places together.

PDaughter just got her learner's permit this week. She's like her mom in that she waited until way past the minimum age to start to drive.

I don't know why. Genetics. I'm going with genetics.

See this gene? It's the "I'll drive when I'm fucking ready" gene.
The point is, I'm now teaching my darling baby girl to drive.

After an initial lesson in which she literally was afraid to start then engine, she has fallen in love with driving.

Just as I did at the age of 17.

Driving is fun.

And PDaughter is actually really good at it. Driving makes me happy, tell the truth.

And it makes her happy.

So we're happy.


If you're of a praying mind, maybe pray for her safety and my sanity.

If not...Good mojo is totally welcome.

Thanks, you guys.


  1. Of course I'm sending good mojo your way, but at the very least PDaughter and her friend should bring back a boba tea for you. Assuming that you like your beverages chewy.

  2. I hate driving.

    Biking is another thing altogether.


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