Friday, June 30, 2017

Trivial Pursuits

This evening, looking for something to do, Precocious Daughter and I dug out our Trivial Pursuit game. We didn't set up the board or anything (because it's not much fun with only two players), we just took turns asking each other questions off the cards. I thought it might be a fun diversion for 20 or 30 minutes.

We ended up spending two hours answering trivia questions.

We laughed a lot, and even learned a few things.

I might have quoted Bill Cosby from the opening
of "Fat Albert" if he weren't a despicable sexual predator.

Just a couple of nerdy smart chicks having fun on a Friday night.

Among the things we ended up talking about, either because they were trivia questions or because we went off on a wild tangent:

Renoir's "Luncheon of the Boating Party":

Raise your hand if you had this in your dorm room or first apartment.

Shirley Bassey, who sang THREE James Bond theme songs:

Did you know she's Welsh?
I did not know she's Welsh.
The state flag of Hawaii:

The only U.S. state flag to feature the Union Jack.

Justin and Britney's infamous American Music Awards look from 2001:

JT would later become one of Earth's
suavest dudes, which nobody
would have predicted from this photo.

Teletubbies, and specifically how PDaughter did not know until tonight it was a British show (she said she "didn't have a concept of faraway places" back then):

You guys, the baby in the sun is a freaking grown-up now.

Indira Gandhi, and specifically how I did not know until tonight that she 1) was not related to Mahatma Gandhi and 2) was related to Nehru:

It's a good day when I can fill in a gap
in my knowledge.
Corgi puppies!

Such floofy goodness.
And finally, Nelson Mandela's involvement in legal negotiations following the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland in 1988:

May take a bit of time to process this, actually.

All in a Friday night, I guess.

I should mention that I was supposed to spend time with Drummer Boy this evening, but missed out because PDaughter and I were so caught up in our trivia game.

I'm sorry about that, but...

I regret nothing.

What are your favorite bits of obscure trivia, Drunkards? Share and edify the rest of us, please.


  1. My favorite bit of obscure trivia is you can win any game of Trivial Pursuit by repeating "Winston Churchill" over and over because he shows up multiple times in every single category. At least he did in the old Genus edition.
    Seriously, though, don't get me started on obscure trivia. I may be the most trivial person you'll ever meet. Or the most obscure.

  2. So nobody won, then. Learning for non-competitive reasons? That's madness.

  3. How did you not know that Indira Gandhi was not related to Mohandas Gandhi and was instead part of the Nehru Gandhi dynasty? It's like you never read me at all :/

  4. I remember being 11 and playing with my adult cousins. One of the questions had to do the with the most profitable candy company. They all guessed wrong, and I got it right. They said Nestle, Hershey and Cadbury. It was Mars. After that, they didn't want to play. Jerks.

  5. A print of that Renoir hangs in the kitchen and dates back to what probably should be dorm room days... Maybe, I don't know. It's been around a long time.


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