Saturday, May 20, 2017

Even When She Just Had to Crash (Yesssss)

Honestly, Drunkards, right now I have a backlog of blog topics.

I'd rather write about how Bestest Friend is handling her daughter's Senior Prom tonight. How the President of the United States bragged to the Russians about firing the Director of the FBI. How my mom is having heart surgery in five days.

Among other things.

Instead, I'm writing about this,because knee-jerk outrage sometimes helps us cope with larger, much more complex emotional scenarios.

So here goes.

Some Canadian college students have apologized for playing Lou Reed's "Walk on the Wild Side" at an event, expressing regrets for its "transphobic" lyrics.

Honest to effing Christian God.

You guys.

I don't remember exactly when, or how, I first discovered Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground.

My best guess is 1982-1983, which was a uniquely tumultuous time in my life.

I'm almost positive that my dear friend Trips had something to do with it (because she also introduced me to Bob Marley, the Cure, XTC, Talking Heads, and so many others).

The thing is, I have all of VU's official releases on vinyl, as well as all of their unofficial output on CD. I'm not unique in claiming Lou Reed and VU as major influences on my musical taste and societal attitude.

I'm just lucky to be included in such a rarefied group.

"Walk on the Wild Side" is a very special solo track from Mr. Reed. It was produced by David Bowie, and together they created a deeply haunting and affecting song. One of my favorite singles ever. Ever, ever, ever.

It is - famously - about trans people and others seeking a place in society.

It is - unabashedly - honest and non-judgmental about those people.

In the back room she was everybody's darling.
The fact that being inclusive and accepting of a minority like trans people can be twisted into transphobia by those who actually serve to silence alternative viewpoints...

makes me effing sick.

People who are different from me don't hurt me.

I don't understand why I (and like-minded others) have to keep broadcasting this opinion.

Be different.

I will be envious.

I will support you and love you.

Those who condemn you for being different...

Need to suffer the consequences of a global fuck-off, you bigoted twats.

I can't guarantee that.

But I support it.

Love is love.

And I love everyone reading this.

Please share that.



  1. Lou Reed and David Bowie were at least partly responsible for mainstream America even being aware of transgender people.

    They showed people other people who were considered counterculture at the time but who are more widely accepted today. IN the same way, I suppose, that Ginsberg and Burroughs often shocking portrayals of gay people were pretty much my first exposure to gay people.

    I mean, reading ABOUT Burroughs and Warhol and Reed opened up the world for me when I was young.

    I honestly figured that the "colored girls" line was going to the one deemed offensive in that song!

  2. If there's a song that can claim to be honest, open, and non-judgmental about trans people it's "Walk On The Wild Side". Okay, "Makeup" from Lou Reed's Transformer album comes a close second but isn't specifically about trans people.
    I'm sure those students had their hearts in the right place, but let's be clear: real transphobia is pretending trans people don't exist.


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