Monday, March 20, 2017


Last night, Drummer Boy and I saw Shawn Phillips perform at Poor David's Pub in Dallas.

I told you guys that I'd bought tickets for this show.

I told you guys how much I loved his music.

Last night was about a million times better than I ever dreamed of.

Thank you, sir.

We were literally front row, center stage. He was no more than eight feet from us. Numerous times during the show he made direct eye contact with us when he spoke between songs.

OK, to be honest, he and DB developed a bit of bromance during the show, I think. I mean, one long-haired, graying musician to another, they bonded.

Maybe not McKellen/Stewart level. But you know, they shared moments.

Shawn Phillips is legit one of the best musicians I've ever seen live. And I've seen Jeff Beck, and Santana.


Please, please, please, go to Napster, or Pandora, or Spotify, and look him up. Incredible.

Also, he played four songs from his upcoming album (to be released in June), and they were absolutely the equal of any rock or indie music coming out right now.

Dude is 74 years old. And fucking rocks.

And graciously signed CDs and memorabilia after the show like it was no thang.

The best part is, I got to share this wonderful musician with DB, who knew nothing about him before last night. And he was blown away.

I was, too.

Thank you, Shawn Phillips, for sharing your prodigious gifts with us. And thank you, Poor David's Pub, for providing the opportunity.

And thanks to Drummer Boy for coming along and having faith in my musical taste.

I can't even tell you how full of love my heart was, and is, for this experience.

Who is your favorite hidden musical treasure?

I'm open to new loves.

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  1. I'm grateful to you for introducing me to Shawn Phillips.
    And I will share with you my love for a little indie band called Bishop Allen.
    I like them but deep down I worry that they're really terrible and I just don't realize it. I don't have a lot of faith in my own musical taste.


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