Thursday, February 9, 2017

Round Two, Daughter-in-Love Edition

I don't remember whether I've mentioned it here, but Precocious Daughter and her boyfriend broke up shortly after New Year's.

She was supremely stoic and matter-of-fact when she told me. Because that's how she is.

My child, basically.
I mean, they had a good run. For a teenage romance, they had a very good run. I haven't pried into the specific reasons behind the breakup. But I'm a mom - I sort of know. And I approve. After all, experience has taught me that no one should make a lifetime commitment to her first serious relationship.

Anyway, my strong and wonderful daughter has been pretty much fine since the split. I noticed she was spending a lot of time on Kik (which is a group-chat site that teh kids are into these days, for you old farts like me). She's also been busy with music, and she recently rejoined her karate training, aiming for her black belt. Good stuff, yeah?

But a week or so ago, I noticed she was back to regular texting. Yes, I look sideways at her phone when we're in the car. I respect her privacy, but I'M HER MOM.

At one point I asked her who she was texting so much. She replied, cryptically, "David."

Sure. David. A name I've never heard among her social circle. David. Sure. Fine. OK.

Last weekend we went to the movies. PDaughter was texting as we crossed the parking lot. I told her, as I always do, "Don't text and walk." Then, I impetuously added, "Tell David you'll text him later."

Her response: "You don't know who I'm texting."

Then: "David. I'm texting David."

OK. So, David.

Today, after I picked her up from karate practice, she informed me she and David were going to "hang out" on Saturday.

Which totally opened the floodgates of parental prerogative, you know?

Don't even pretend I'm not a force of frickin' nature.
Turns out that David is ranked #2 in their junior class. He attends their school because he's studying biomed (like, pre-med for high school students). He was born in Colombia. He's not ugly, he's not tall, he's nice (answers to specific questions from me, yes).

I'm positive PDaughter doesn't care, but he's currently salutatorian of her class, and that absolutely matters to me.

To be totally honest, Drunkards, I'm freaked out my child - MY CHILD GODAMMIT - is seemingly embarking on a second romantic teenage relationship.

But least it's coming now and not when she's in her 40s and stuck in a loveless marriage.

Just saying.

More details to come.


  1. He sounds nice. Geez, that sounded like a mom. ;-) I hope she has a lovely time.

  2. Hey, it's a huge problem when teenagers honestly believe their first real boyfriend is going to be their eternal soul mate and the person they'll be married to for 50 years.

    I mean, that would be nice, I guess, but usually, that attitude just keeps them tied into a youthful relaitonship that they probably shouldn't stay in.

    Although it does happen. My grandparents met each other when they were kids...


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