Friday, December 9, 2016

Resolved...By Someone Else

Re: New Year's Resolutions.

I typically don't make them, only because I find them trite and also I don't like change.

Perhaps a minute bit of hubris is involved, as well.
But I thought this year I might take the symbolic leap of making a resolution, if for no other reason than to celebrate the concept of clean breaks, fresh slates, and 2017 not fucking being 2016.

Freaking arrogant white naked baby.

Until I was informed by someone close to me that New Year's resolutions are for the weak, the lame, and the failed.

So I guess I won't be doing that.

I guess instead I'll wait for some OTHER meaningful, arbitrary deadline to help me turn over a new leaf.

Goddamned Arbor Day, maybe.
Perhaps one of my resolutions should be to stop letting random people decide for me what is important and worth believing in.

Maybe next year/decade/century.

Anyway, this blogger certainly won't be looking to change anything about herself based on a metaphorically insignificant date that others consider an important symbolic time to make changes.

That would diminish me in the eyes of those who seek to diminish me...which is one of the things I'd like to change.

But maybe another time.

I will not be vowing to change anything on January 1st, 2017.

Stay the course.

Be strong.

Be the same in 2017.

Seems fitting, somehow.

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  1. I think I'll grow a tail in 2017. Maybe with a sting at the end.


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