Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Babies and Other Things Scary as Sh*t

On December 19th, a new law will take effect in my state of Texas.

This law will require fetal remains to be cremated or buried. In other words, women who have abortions or miscarriages will be legally bound to spend hundreds to thousands of dollars to dispose the remains of children they either would not or could not carry to term.

This could have been a child, but IT DIED. could paint women who have miscarriages or abortions as sinful, heartless wretches. Or you could, just maybe, pay attention to one actual woman's story.

I've made no secret of the fact that I have successfully given birth once and unsuccessfully been pregnant an additional two times. I've miscarried twice, and it was a terrible, horrible experience each time.

The first time, I had a blighted ovum, which means that I literally had an unfertilized egg attach itself to my womb despite not being a baby.

Pictured here: Goddamned baby wasteland.
That one was scraped out of me by an emergency room physician who neither knew nor cared how to care for a woman in the act of involuntarily terminating a pregnancy. It was literally the most demoralizing experience of my life.

The second time, I actually had a tiny life growing inside me, but it died. So I had to go to the hospital to have my dead baby surgically removed from me. Which is exactly as fun as it sounds. To make the experience even better, it happened just weeks after Michael Jackson died of a Propofol overdose, and guess what they used to sedate me before scraping my deceased child from my body? Yeah.

Anyway, under the new Texas law, I would have been forced to conduct a fucking funeral following each of my miscarriages. A FUNERAL. I don't even believe in the concept of a "Christian burial," but it's about to be freaking LAW that bereaved women provide that thing for their unborn children.

Fuck that shit.


I didn't ask to lose two pregnancies, Texas Republicans.

And guess what? Even if I chose to terminate two unexpected, unwanted pregnancies, IT'S NONE OF YOUR FUCKING BUSINESS.

"Religious freedom" does not mean imposing your fucking pseudo-Christian beliefs on me or any other woman.

Guess what? Some people think this is bullshit.

I love my child. She is amazing. I'm sure I would have thought my two other kids were amazing had I been able to carry them to term. But I couldn't.

Why does Texas want to rub that in my face?

Gov. Abbott: PLEASE start thinking like a rational human instead of a loyal Republican.

I have no faith that you will.

But listen up: I would have risked jail time to put my lost babies behind me, and I'm betting that other would-be moms would do the same. You asshat.

Try to be a decent human and a competent leader, OK?

Not waiting but still, me.


  1. Putting aside the emotional cost the medical treatment that's going to follow many miscarriages or other complications that result in the loss of a pregnancy are already expensive and are going to get even more expensive.
    What will happen to women who can't afford the funeral expenses?


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