Monday, October 31, 2016


Today was Halloween, of course.

Did you get a rock? I hope you got more than a rock.
But for Drummer Boy and me, October 31st is more than Halloween. It's also our anniversary.

It's the anniversary of...

I can't rightly say, now.

It's not the anniversary of when we met - I don't even remember that date. It was a long time ago, and I was in love with someone else when it happened.

It's not the anniversary of our first date. I suppose at some point we had a first date...a lunch, probably? I don't think we ever really dated. We were not together, and then, with a single word communicated via e-mail, we were together. To this day we don't have dates. We are together and then we're apart until we can be together again. "Date" is a wholly inadequate word to describe our time together.

It's not the anniversary of our first kiss. I remember that moment well. But it didn't happen on October 31st.

So what, then?

Today was the anniversary of an old and dear friend letting me know, with a kindness and gentleness I had never before experienced, that I wasn't alone.

Sometimes, you have no idea how alone you've been until someone appears by your side.

Not a mysterious stranger, or a rescuing angel. Simply destiny in the guise of a sweet, smart, goofy, deeply wounded human who finally summons the strength to hold you in his arms. And another goofy human who allows herself to embrace him back.

I love you, Drummer Boy.

Thank you for putting up with me.

The years ahead are going to kick so much ass.

Happy Halloween, Dude.


  1. Anniversary twins! Today is the 22nd anniversary of The Hubster's and my first official date :) And I'm so glad that you found someone who sees you as we all do - a wonderful person. And we love him for it.

    Happy anniversary, you crazy kids!

  2. Give us a mask and we'll tell the truth.
    I'm glad you and Drummer Boy faced each others' masks.


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