Monday, July 18, 2016


I don't say this as a member of a party, or as an adherent of an ideology, or as a fan of a candidate.

The vilest political statement I've heard uttered by any American in any context in quite some time is what retired General Mike Flynn said at the Republican National Convention tonight:

          "We must regain 
the ability to CRUSH 
our enemies."

I'm not voting for this shit. 

I'm not voting for a candidate whose base includes Chachi and a former underwear model and a millionaire who pretends to be a bearded redneck everyman.

Don't get me wrong. I also don't support the party of the disingenuous, dissembling, faux-populist Democrat who wants to double down on the legacy of her husband's corrupt, hypocritical presidency.

I'd totally vote for the libertarian candidate - what's his name - if I didn't believe that a third-party vote would do nothing except help propel one of the other candidates into office.

For the record, this American is not interested in crushing our enemies. Or in ruling the world. Or any of that bullshit.

I want my daughter to be strong, independent, and educated.

I want my fellow citizens to be equal, whether they are rich or poor, black or white, gay or straight.

I want our economy to be strong, and the architects of the economy to be held to the highest standards of fairness and lawfulness.

I want America to be a protector, not a bully.

I want to be left alone, unless it's tax day or Memorial Day. I support those days wholeheartedly.

I don't want to crush anyone.

Trump is not America, nor America Trump.



  1. Given the current options it would be nice to have a viable third option but I feel stuck with the lesser of two evils.
    Heck, if he were viable I might even consider what's his name in spite of the fact that I have a hard time voting for any libertarian. Or maybe I'm thinking of Libertarians, a group I have a hard time with. Environmental regulations and public education certainly have their problems but I don't think the solution is to scrap them.

  2. "Chachi" = "aunt" in Hindi. Whose aunt are you talking about?

    1. Chachi is the name of a character played by Scott Baio in the late 70s/early 80s. Scott Baio is a washed up actor that thinks his opinion means something. I once read that Chachi was slang for penis in Korean, which makes the title of the sitcom "Joanie Loves Chachi" extraordinarily funny.

  3. I don't often comment on posts of a political nature...and technically this doesn't count as a comment...but it seems to me that if enough people are turned off by the two major party contenders and all voted for the third party (if he were to actually have a human heart and brain in his head) then that would turn this election on it's ear.

    I realize though that it is just a theory...or more realistically, a pipe dream. *sigh*

  4. When I lived in Massachusetts, Mike Dukakis was Governor, and the "presumptive nominee" for re-election. The Party Dems got their panties in a wad over something, and decided that some of them would vote for the other guy, so that Mike wouldn't win in a landslide and "that'll show him". Except that they didn't coordinate it too well, and the other guy actually won. And then they all cried "that's not what we meant to do, we just wanted to send a message". But We the People ended up with four years of a mediocre governor. In this case, however, the stakes are MUCH bigger. This is not the year to be sending messages, or giving comeuppances. This is the year to go out and vote for the person who won't send us back to the Stone Age. Because the alternative is disastrous.


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