Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas in Baudelairistan

It's Christmas Eve here in Baudelairistan, aka North Texas.

According to NORAD, Santa is still several hours away.
But Putin's missiles are even further. So score one for Jesus.
Honestly, I pretty much don't get into the spirit of Christmas until December 24th. Before that it's just office-party fake smiles and trying not to kill people in parking lots. But on Christmas Eve, I finally get it. I feel it.

It's not that I'm a Grinch.
But I do need my heart to grow a few sizes
every year around this time.
Tonight I wrapped presents for Precocious Daughter and her cousins and my darling Drummer Boy. I made a pot of pea soup to share with my sister (pea soup? groch? my goodness, the things you've been missing if you don't understand). I breathed very deeply, because I don't have to go back to work until January 4th.

All good.

And in general, I just ignored the whole "keep Christ in Christmas" crowd and kept the spirit of the holiday alive in my own way. And what do you know? I felt the magic.

One part mistletoe, one part Elvis, thank you very much.
Which brings me to my favorite part of Christmas: the shout-outs. It's the end of the year, and we're all feeling merry and gifty and whatnot. This is when people typically take a moment to appreciate their loved ones.

That would be you, Drunkards. You are totally my loved ones, just as much as Precocious Daughter or my sister and her fantastic children or my lifelong friends. I love each of you, just for bothering to come here and read my poor words. Thank you all.

I wanted to name each of you. But I knew I inevitably would leave someone out, and that would be as painful to me as not thanking anyone. So just rest assured that if you read, liked, shared, linked to, commented, or clicked on one of my posts this year, I am profoundly grateful. Thank you. I don't even care if you arrived here on accident or hated what you saw. Thank you for coming at all. It means bunches to me.

If you've read more than one or two posts here, you know that this year has been a veritable shitstorm for me. You also know that I've finally moved past the storm and an starting a new life under clear skies. I couldn't have done it without my faithful Drunkards. Seriously. You guys took everything I babbled under the worst circumstances and returned it with love and support. WTF? Who does that for  a disembodied voice on the Internet? You do, Drunkards. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Finally, an extra super-thanks to those of you who not only read this stupid little blog, but are friends in real life. Your support, your hugs, your words of encouragement all mean so much. Some of you have been my friends for decades, some for years, and some for months or weeks. Makes no difference, I'm honored that you choose to follow my writing and still treat me as a personal friend. I would love to know each and every one of you personally. Maybe someday I'll have that chance. It would be my honor.

So...Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night. I'll be back on the 26th to talk about squirrels or Trumpfuckery or whatever. May you be blessed by whichever entity provides the blessings in your life.

And again...thanks. For everything.


  1. Merry Christmas,'s a glorious year ahead of us.

  2. Merry Christmas! We went out for Chinese, watched a documentary about cartoons at the New Yorker, and I am now watching Pope Francis because I am a lapsed Catholic and he gives me hope that things can change for the better. Not a trad Christmas, but what the heck. Have a great vacation!

  3. Merry Christmas! Thanks for sharing your soul with us through your writing. Here's to a great new year!

  4. Merry Christmas! Thanks for sharing your soul with us through your writing. Here's to a great new year!

  5. I am a few days late and probably reading these ni the wrong order, but I still wanted to say hi.

    I just started reading your blog this year and it seems like you had a very eventful year. I hope you're through the worst of it because you deserve an uneventful year.

    Thank you for sharing your adventures with us!


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