Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Je Suis Chuck

I will be listing my home for sale on July 14th.

This is later than I want to list my home. After all, the current renovations should be done by this weekend. After that, we'll need a week or so to clean and stage the bedrooms (which have been exempted from the contractor's work because we need a place to live). Ideally, I'd like to list the house around July 4th. You know, Independence Day.

And whatnot.
But Precocious Daughter will be traveling to New York to visit her father's relatives beginning on July 14th. And he has asked that we wait until that date to put the house on the market.

And in some ways, that makes a lot of sense. It will be easier to keep the house presentable for showings if the lovable but messy teenager is out of the way. And hell, since I'm probably going to take that opportunity to enjoy a getaway with my Drummer Boy, let's just say that it will be even easier to keep the house presentable with two of its three occupants out of the way.

I have little doubt that my spouse will find a way to make the place look like shit when he is the temporary sole occupant, but at least I won't have to clean up after him. Let the Realtor chide him for his slovenliness.

By the way, my Realtor totally looks like Anderson Cooper.
He's adorable.
Still, July 14th is about 10 days later than I was hoping to put the old homestead up for sale. And in the current DFW housing market, 10 days is kind of like an eternity. Most places around here are being snapped up within a week of being listed, no matter what shape they're in or how outrageously they're priced. I have a dream figure in mind for what I'd like my house to fetch, and a house three doors down from me just sold for $40K over that figure after four days on the market.

So I feel a slight sense of urgency here.

However, I just realized that July 14th is Bastille Day. And that, basically, is the French Independence Day. So my superstitious need to attach significance to the day I list my house can still be satisfied by waiting a week and a half.

Vive l'irrational.
And in the scheme of things, it may not matter. This hot housing market (I hope) isn't going to go away in a matter of weeks. So I can bide my time.

I just have to spouse-proof the place until we can have it professionally photographed.

And independence will be sweet, even if it's French.

In any language, freedom will ring soon for this girl.

Je serais heureux.



  1. I'm in a market a lot like yours - and my neighborhood is superhot right now, so I feel your impatience. But I remember when I was in my early 20s, I got a bonus at work, and had enough money to take my mother to dinner at Pastis, a really swanky French restaurant, and it was on Bastille Day. And it was about $100, which, even now is an expensive meal, so in my 20s, it was insane. But it was really good. I had a fish dish - cooked in parchment with a Provencal vegetable medley. And then there were profiteroles. So, yeah, that was a good memory. Bastille Day is a good thing. And, TBH, it beats listing on a holiday when banks are closed and people are on vacation...

  2. Hopefully, your home sale won't end up with people dying by guillotines and Napoleon as Emperor.

  3. Here's a fun fact about the Bastille: on July 2nd, 1789 the Marquis de Sade began yelling out the windows that the prisoners were being tortured and that the people should rise up and liberate them. He was quickly transferred to the Charenton asylum where he'd spend the rest of his days.

    That's just my way of saying I hope you make it out of your own Bastille without going crazy. And that your ex doesn't do anything that makes you yell "Trumpy, no!" (That's an obscure reference I should have thought to drop yesterday.)

  4. Much better -- doubt that many people will be house shopping on the 4th. Go enjoy your trip and don't think about the house till you get back.


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