Monday, April 6, 2015

Pity the Fool...But Not Too Much

I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned this, but two of the biggest days of my life fell on April Fool's Day.

The first was the day I got engaged to be married.

And the second was the day I found out I was pregnant with Precocious Daughter.

Neither of these events seemed particularly funny at the time. Granted, my marriage turned out to be something of a joke, and I'm trying really hard to move past the punchline; and although I cried tears of genuine despair when my pregnancy test came back positive, it turns out I'm deadly serious in my love and devotion toward my beautiful PDaughter.

But it is, I suppose, a bit chuckleworthy that today the fates delivered to me a fitting bookend for the last quarter century.

Also, I dreamed about a library last night.
Should I be reading anything into that?
Without going into too much detail (it will all be in the book, of course), my engagement to my future ex was the direct result of an arrest warrant being issued because he blew off a minor traffic ticket.

And today, he received notice of an arrest warrant being issued because he blew off a minor traffic ticket.

It's a few days past April 1st, sure, but it's pretty damn close.

And this time I'm not bailing him out. Because after 26 years, I've realized that's not my job.

It's just kind of funny how the universe creates bookends, isn't it?

Joint credit goes to the universe and
Simon & Garfunkel, of course.
Two weeks ago I finally realized that I am strong beyond anything I've ever believed.

And I will only continue to get stronger, because I see patterns in the universe where previously I saw only chaos and luck.

We are all strong beyond our beliefs. Join me.

We kick ass.

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  1. I knew all along that you're strong. And I know that I'm awed by your strength.

    About me, well, I have well-founded doubts.


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