Wednesday, April 29, 2015

I Needed This

Many thanks to Bestest Friend for giving me the best news I've heard in a while.

Jennifer Saunders has confirmed that there is going to be an "Absolutely Fabulous" movie.

I love these women.
She made the announcement on a British talk show called "Loose Women," which itself seems like a parody of chat shows straight out of AbFab.

But there you have it, from the mouth of Edina Monsoon herself. More AbFab is coming.

They're older. They're...wiser? I hope not. They're even funnier. That would be good.

I like good news. I've discovered I don't need it; pretty much I can survive and thrive on just about any damn thing life can throw at me. But yes, I like it.

Long live AbFab.

At least until I myself actually turn into Edina and/or Patsy.

Edina. Who am I kidding? I'm Edina.

Thank you, Bestest Friend, for brightening my day.

Sweetie darling.

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  1. Actually you come across as what Saffron would be like if she were a drinker (which she may be by now--I loved it when it ran on Comedy Central but didn't keep up with it): wickedly smart, fun to be around, and devastatingly sarcastic--a power you only use for good, not evil. And also somehow always grounded enough that you're never the problem yourself, but frequently help others out of whatever crap they've created.


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