Thursday, March 5, 2015

What Would YOU Do?

Yesterday I told you about my upcoming high school reunion.

Class of 1985, when we all totally,
no lie, looked exactly like this.
And I said that I probably will not be attending the reunion. But that there was also one circumstance under which I might consider it.

Here it is.

Last year, when Precocious Daughter got contact lenses, I wrote about it. And I told a kind-of-semi-not-really-related anecdote about a guy on whom I had a massive crush in high school: Erik L.

Erik was popular, talented, extremely cute. He barely knew I was alive, because I was none of those things. I got over my crush (OK, I moved on to other, equally unrequited crushes), and after high school Erik L. faded into a vague memory of someone I went to school with but never really knew.

And then I grew up to be Jennifer Garner. LOL.
Flash-forward to maybe six months ago. My darling Drummer Boy had posted something to his Facebook page, and several people had "liked" it. 

One of them was Erik L.

I was like:

Yeah, Drummer Boy and Erik L. were Facebook friends. Considering that Drummer Boy was several years ahead of us in school - and didn't graduate from our high school - I was rather dumbfounded by this strange coincidence.

So I asked him - you know, all casual-like - " do you know Erik L?"

And he said, "We're old friends. How do you know Erik L?"


There's a small part of me that would love it if Drummer Boy escorted me to my reunion, and Erik L. was there, and I could be all like, "Your old friend Drummer Boy is cool, right? Well, he thinks I'm cool. And hot. And we're together. Because sometimes crushes turn into something else. By the way, I loved it when you played 'Blackbird' on your guitar in the theater room in 1983. Turns out I'm more into drummers, though."


Or maybe I should just move on.

I would love to show up at my reunion with Drummer Boy on my arm, though. Because he is smokin'. Also, kind, smart, funny, friendly, and personable. And smokin'.

Not that I need validation from a bunch of random 40-somethings.

What do you think, Drunkards?


  1. Do it! Then hit up the after party and be all "You could had some of this"...

  2. Do it! Then hit up the after party and be all "You could had some of this"...

  3. I say go for it! It could end up being fun -- especially if your honey goes with you.

  4. Go, but not because you need validation. You don't need validation, and you don't need to look down on the people who didn't recognize that you really were cool back in high school. You need others to bask in the radiance of your coolness. Some of your old classmates have kids who are having a hard time, who, in spite of how much the internet has changed things, still don't fully fit in.

    Maybe Erik L.'s one of those parents. And it would help them to see that "It gets better" isn't just a catchy slogan but something embodied by people they once barely realized existed.

    Plus it's kinda funny to see that the former captain of the football team is bald and paunchy and second assistant floor manager at a second-rate furniture store. Or at least that's how it should have turned out.

  5. Yes...yes we DID look like that; didn't we? Although I have no desire to attend my reunion (mainly because I didn't attend school with those people since kindergarten...or even middle school), I would say go. Not for the validation, but because it might be fun to see how you've all evolved. And because you've got that smokin' hot drummer boy to show off....


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