Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Want to Run a Category?

So I imagined that there was a "Jeopardy!" category called "Stuff About Chuck." And with the help of this website, I made it so. See if you can run the category, and feel free to create your own "Jeopardy!" questions. Because fun.

OK, here we go. This is for...well, it's for nothing, do I look like freaking Alex Trebek?

Spoiler alert: I do not.
Stuff About Chuck for $100:

Stuff About Chuck for $200.

I'll stay with Stuff About Chuck for $300.

Stuff About Chuck for $400, Alex.

Let's finish off the category - Stuff About Chuck for $500,

Did you win? If you didn't win, shame on you. You need to read way more of this blog.

If you won, congratulations. Your prize is nothing. Duh.

Just wait for the Tournament of Champions. Shit's gonna get real there.


  1. I'm not a twitterer and will never, ever, under any circumstances, be one. I got all the rest though.

  2. Yeah, I could use a thousand bucks. For a long time I've resisted the urge to do the Twitter thing. Sure, I could use it to share foolishness like my faux film rating card, but that's not enough. You've pushed me an inch closer to caving in.


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