Sunday, March 29, 2015

Spring Means Scraping My Skin with a Sharp Blade

I guess it's time to shave my legs.

It's warming up here in Texas, and pretty soon shorts and cute little dresses will be my non-work uniform. No more jeans and boots; it will be all bare legs and open-toed shoes until October.

Crap. That also means I'll have to cut my toenails more often.

I used to shave my legs (and armpits) more frequently during the winter. Back when I shared a bed with someone, I was much more meticulous in my grooming.

But it's been two years that I've been sleeping alone, except on very rare special occasions. When the weather gets cold, nobody sees my body hair but me, and I actually kind of like it.

Also, not having to shave makes showers go faster. When you have a teenage daughter who takes longer to shower than it takes to watch an entire episode of "Big Bang Theory," every moment counts, water-bill-wise.

Yet as comfortable as I am with my own fur, I'm not prepared to buck societal norms about appearing au naturel in public. I'm a work in progress, people.

I've also let my, um, pubes grow out.

Cameron Diaz, wherever you are, you got me.

I've missed my little lady-pelt. Whose idea was it to start Kojaking that area, anyway?

So I'll start shaving my legs and underarms on the reg again, but I think the fur down below is staying.

It's not as if it's offending anybody.

Ladies (or hey, gents), what's your take on body hair?

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  1. I've occasionally thought about shaving my legs. Personally I'm indifferent to hairy legs on anyone else regardless of gender--not that I've ever been with anyone with hairy legs. The reason I've thought about shaving my own is because, if most men find hairy-legged women off-putting, some women might feel the same way, and it's not fair to make them put up with hairy limbs.

    Then again I've been blessed with a remarkable shortage of body hair. Back in the '80's George Michael sported what was described as a three-day beard. I wouldn't have a beard like that if I went three weeks without shaving.


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