Saturday, March 21, 2015

Riddle Me This

All right, my first poem was a little unsteady. Note to Mr. Waldrop: It's not that Cumberbatch lacks for rhymes. But it has inherent metrical deficiencies. It's a dactyl in an amphibrachic form.

Oooh, that's sexy-talk for cunning linguists.


Anyway. Here's another poem. This one's a riddle.

Who Am I?

Many a Christian I've tastefully lured.
I've never been sick, but I've often been cured.
I'm soft when I start but I'm hard at the end
Although some like me better when I slightly bend.
And while we're quite different, (I don't want to gloat),
I share something important with an actor of note.
Some say I'm a killer, some say I'm a sin;
Some open their mouths to invite me right in.



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