Saturday, March 21, 2015

One More

Here is my last poem for World Poetry Day 2015. I love poetry. I hope you've been mildly amused by my poor efforts today.

Tomorrow will be, like, the usual stuff.


There are walls.
And there are windows.
Both can be broken.

There is hope
And there is granite.
Neither is resistant to being scattered
By careless custodians
Blind to tomorrow.
Blind to tomorrow.

Offer sightlines
But cannot guarantee

Granite symbolizes

Walls predate our problems.
Taking them down
Is an act of architecture,
Nothing more.
I know of many walls
That cannot be demo'd.

I long for a home
That is not this house.
This house will never be home
While love lives somewhere else.

I dwell among bricks
And wish I lived in a place
Made of stronger stuff.
I don't know where.

Someone will take me there
When the time is right.
Everything will shine like new.

If I didn't believe that,
I would stay among the broken glass
And wait.


  1. I'm glad you don't just share your poetry on World Poetry Day. It would be terrible having to wait a year for more.

  2. Android
    I am afraid
    Is far too staid.
    It has sworn a vow
    And does no longer allow
    Me to comment from my cell
    So that I stay silenced, well
    You know your poems are great, don't you
    Or do you need me to tell you too?

  3. This is awesome.


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