Tuesday, March 3, 2015

On Ghosts

Yesterday I wrote about my dream house.

And Christopher Waldrop, one of my very favorite Drunkards - and totally a Friend I Haven't Met Yet - commented that some of the images I posted looked as if they might contain ghosts.

And I realized, I forgot to mention that my dream house will absolutely have one or more ghosts.

At the very least, I hope that the ghost that's been following me around since 1989 or so will decide to follow me to my next house.

It might decide to go with my future-former-spouse. That would bum me out, but it's lived with both of us this whole time, and conceivably it could be his ghost rather than my ghost.

In that case, I hope that I would be able to acquire a new ghost.

Because I like ghosts.

And maybe it's strange that I would consider a haunted house to be my dream house. Except that it's my dream, and my dream includes ghosts.

Thanks, Christopher Waldrop, for reminding me that it takes more than bricks and beams to make a home.

It takes occasional unexplained noises and cold spots.

I'm still totally confident that I can find it.

I'm less confident of when, but I'll keep you posted.


  1. I wonder if you could find a house haunted by your own ghost? It would be so cool to be haunted by your own ghost. You could have such intimate conversations with her...it.

  2. I'm so tickled to have contributed a reminder about what goes into a dream house, and honored to be a favorite Drunkard. It's too bad the nearest bar doesn't open for another hour. I'm tempted to celebrate with a drink.

    Also should you move to Tennessee hope that the ghost in your dream home isn't the Bell Witch. The only thing scarier than the Bell Witch is how awful "An American Haunting", the movie about the Bell Witch, was.

  3. At this point in our search for our next home, I don't care if it comes with a cemetery and a whole host of ghosts (it would only add to the charm) as long as it meets our requirements!

    Actually, our first house here, DID come with a cemetery and one of our neighbors SWORE she saw ghosts hanging out on our front porch. If they were there - they never made themselves known.


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