Saturday, March 14, 2015

Bloggers (and Others), Please Read

I love to learn.

I mean, holy shit, "Sesame Street," amirite?
And I love words. So when I learn a new word, I basically have a lexigasm.

Totally a thing.
Here's the word I learned today, via Twitter user First Clown.

If it didn't exist, I would have had to invent it.
Shit yes, goddammit.

I honestly don't mean to hurt or offend people (except when I absolutely do mean to), but sometimes the pleasure it brings to curse like a fucking sailor gets the better of decorum.

I'm so goddamned glad there's a word for this shit. English totally fucking rocks.

If you don't agree, go to hell, assclown.

Well, that's literal.
If you also experience lalochezia, let the world know. It's not an affliction, it's just the way we are.

Shit yeah.


  1. Your lalochezia is so damn hawt.

  2. I love that there's a word for it. A few years ago I heard about a study in which people were told to stick their hand in a bucket of ice water and see how long they could leave it there. The people who were allowed to swear could leave their hands in almost as twice as long as the people who weren't allowed to swear.

    Then I took part in a medical experiment that included sticking my foot in a bucket of ice water for ninety seconds. The researchers told me they weren't studying swearing and that they wouldn't be offended no matter what I said. I surprised myself by not swearing but instead coming out with bizarre things like "Major Tom to ground control, that's cold!"

  3. I think I could actually USE that as a curse word. Bang my knee on the desk and yell, "Oh lalochezia!"

    I hope it's pronounced "lah-low-cheez-iya."

    Now all I have to do is remember it...


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