Thursday, February 12, 2015

Would You Rather - Real Life Edition

If I've learned anything in my forty-some years on this Earth, it's that putting yourself in another person's shoes is extremely difficult and not particularly advisable.

Turns out we're all freaking unique.
Still, one must admit there are times when crowdsourcing an opinion can be useful, if only for the perspective it provides.

Analysis reveals you are not, in fact, all that.
Although at times you may be partially that.
The point is, Imma ask your opinion, Drunkards. Because I need some perspective.

Let's speak, uh, hypothetically.

What if something like this were a thing?
Let's say you had a financial windfall.

Not enough to make you rich. No way. Not enough to send your kid to college, or buy that Picasso you've been wanting. But enough to make you extremely grateful to the source of the windfall, and get you really confused as to the best way to use it.

What would you spend it on?

Would you pay off debt?

Would you invest in home improvements so you could put your house up for sale?

Would you put it in your kid's college fund while continuing to service substantial debt?

Would you bribe your roommate/spouse to take the money and get the hell out of your life?

Would you buy 10,000 lottery tickets? Or 1,000 of the expensive ones that supposedly have a higher rate of payout, although you suspect that's bullshit?

Would you sit on it and not spend it on a damn thing?

AKA, MINE you can't has.
What say you? Save, spend, invest? And after that, then what? know...asking for a friend.

If you give me your opinion, I'll let you know what I decide.


  1. If I ever had a financial windfall, the chances of which happening are as high as my becoming Mr Universe, I'd use it to move to the other end of the country. To be where I used to be happy...once.

  2. Lol I like Bill's answer. Personally? Half would be stashed, I'd put some into a college fund or trust for Dorkenstein, and I'd pay off my debts. Not fun, I know, but I'd like to leave as little for my kid and The Hubster to worry about should I be taken by the gods. I've said before- I'm kinda boring.

  3. Paying off debt relieves a lot of stress and also frees up cash to use for other things like bribing people to grow up and get out. But I would reserve 10 percent for something fun or frivolous. It's free money--you have to celebrate a little, at least!!

  4. Pay off debt. I'm kind of obsessive and don't like debt hanging over my head. Also I've learned that if you have a lot of debt and go to the credit card companies and ask for a little help they laugh. If you then figure out a way to get most of your cards paid off and stop using them they start screaming like a kid with his tongue stuck to a metal pole in winter. Only more hilarious.

    But I'd also set aside a bit to do something fun to celebrate my windfall, like rent a beach house for a week.

  5. Hey you have sensible friends! Whoda thunk? I have to be boring too, and say that I'd pay off debt. If I could think of a way to help you... your friend get your.....her spouse out of your... her hair, I'd do it.


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