Sunday, February 8, 2015

Pledge Drive

Hey, Drunkards. I'm looking for donations.

Gimme gimme gimme.
I don't want money, or goods. I have what I need - if not everything I want - on those fronts.

No, I'm looking for help with a few other valuable commodities.

Like courage.

And integrity.

And did I mention courage?

That's a big one.
I know that those are pretty scarce resources, and most people don't have any to spare. But I need some courage and some integrity, and it's becoming obvious that I don't have enough to do the things I need to do to get on with my life.

So I'm asking for donations. If you can spare a bit of moral bravery, please pass it on. I'll pay you back. I'll write funny things and post pictures of hedgehogs and finally get that damn book out and even give you a shout-out.

It seems to me that I know so many people who are courageous and honest and strong. All I'm asking is to share in your strength for a little while.

Let me know if you have any to spare. I promise to make the most of it.

Love you guys.


  1. I have plenty of courage I can share! Grab your gonads, straighten your back, push the ladies out, and tell yourself "Bitch, you got this!". I seem to respond a little harder when I call me names.

  2. Not sure how much courage I have...but I have plenty of support to share with you! I also have a shoulder to cry on and orange vodka. Will any of that help? :D

  3. I have some leftover courage from a major medical crisis that turned out to not be as bad as I feared it would be. I just went to the office mailroom and packaged it for you. It should arrive shortly.

    I don't know why I used bubble wrap since courage is pretty much indestructible, but if things get overwhelming take a break and pop some bubbles.

  4. Girl, you have mad courage! I don't have any spare at the moment, but I have some free-floating rage that we could rebrand...

  5. I don't think I have much courage. What I have, you're welcome to.


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