Saturday, December 13, 2014

There She Is

In my travels around the Internet, I found these pictures of Ruth Malcomson, who was crowned Miss America in 1924:

She is so beautiful, isn't she? This was the standard for beauty and poise 90 - yes, ninety - years ago.

These were her 10 rules for beauty, as published in a magazine article during  her reign:

Rise early.
Eat a hearty breakfast.
No alcohol.
Smoking is detrimental.
Get outdoors.
Eat a light lunch.
Eat a satisfying dinner.
Early to bed.

A lot of wisdom there, yes?

Ruth Malcomson Schaubel passed away in 1988. Here's a lovely obituary.

Do you think our modern standards of beauty match up to those of 1924?


  1. I think our current views on beauty is so askew.

  2. She kind of reminds me of Annie Potts..and yeah, the idea of beauty today is totally different.

  3. You forgot the bit about having to be a vapid airhead these days even to qualify to take part in beauty contests, unlike then.


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