Monday, December 29, 2014

10 Resolutions

I just noticed it's about to be 2015.

This works in so many situations.
So I'm going to write some resolutions for the new year. But I'm not going to think about them. I'm just going to toss them off. Sometimes my best thinking involves not thinking. Sometimes.

Sometimes derp.
These might not be the greatest resolutions ever. But they're from the gut. So...go, gut.

In 2015, I resolve to:

  1. Get divorced.
  2. Leave my spouse.
  3. Get divorced.
  4. Start a new life.
  5. Commit myself fully to my dear Drummer Boy.
  6. Move.
  7. Get divorced.
  8. Start over.
  9. Leave the past behind.
  10. Be happy.

Is that 10?

Maybe for tomorrow I'll think some more and offer 10 resolutions that actually are different from each other.

If you have any New Year's resolutions, feel free to share.


  1. 1. Fat ass is getting into shape.
    2. Drinking more tea than soda, now that I know what I like.
    3. Not taking it personal that my parents will go to the beach every year, and have even gone to Colorado, but have never been to Texas to see me. I have been here since 1997.
    4. Dance more.
    5. Actively participate in the SCA. Because medieval cosplay is awesome when you can hit each other with padded sticks.
    6. Learn to play the bodhrán (Irish hand drum) and the dizi (oriental flute).
    7. Actually BUY a bodhrán. Already have the dizi.
    8. Get a freaking record player.
    9. Start seriously saving for that trip to England.
    10. Make sure I know I'll be coming back, that I can't just stay.

    You know, normal stuff.

  2. My 2014 resolution was to stop using plastic grocery bags and always take in the reusable canvas bags I keep in the back of the car. I was setting the bar pretty low, but it's the first time I've ever made a resolution I remembered throughout the year and pretty well stuck to.

    For 2015 my resolution is to be healthy. That may seem like setting the bar even lower, but I've been through a lot in 2014 that prevented me from doing things that make me happy, like reading this blog. Being healthy means I'll have the time and ability to do things I enjoy, including following the hilarious thoughts and antics of complete strangers.


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