Sunday, November 16, 2014

Even Einstein Was No Einstein

I was working on another post tonight. But this message is more important. It's directed at one person, but I'll bet it's true for a lot of you. So it's for you, too.

And also this.

The only real failure is failure to try. I'll never give up on you if you never give up on yourself.

I love you.

That goes for all of you, but especially for one of you.


  1. I realize that in spite of that whole six degrees of separation thing I probably wouldn't recognize the person to whom this is addressed, but I want to add another hang in there.

    I really want to be the lovable crank who says something wildly inappropriate in a hospital room or at a funeral and makes everyone laugh, breaking the tension, but it's just not me. I have to settle for being the guy who sends positive vibes to complete strangers. Here's hoping it helps.

  2. Hmmm. Thank you, although, I assume I probably wasn't the initial source.


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