Sunday, August 24, 2014

Not Ready

In 10 hours, my Precocious Daughter starts high school.

I don't even know what to do with that fact.

Drunkards, I need to know I can be the mom of a high school freshman.

Your moral support will be appreciated. I'll post funny pictures of squirrels or wombats tomorrow. Just please let me know that I can do this.



  1. You got this! I know you have some PTSD from your hs years but PD will rock this!

  2. If I can make it to Dorkenstein's senior year and still have all my hair, you can certainly handle freshman year. You're the kickass mom of a kickass girl- you can do this!

  3. Another mom of a Senior here. It is certainly doable. PD sounds like an awesome kid with her head on straight (how did you do that, BTW?). She'll be fine.

  4. Something about our kids hitting major life milestones can really stir up old wounds for us seasoned adults, right? I'm with you on this one. I was a nervous wreck this time last year. But we (I...) got through it no problem.

    I'm also here to remind you of all the FABULOUS things you gained during your high school years:
    *A bestest friend (for life!)
    *A kick-ass English teacher
    *Everything about your AP European History class
    *Your senior year job
    (Keep this stuff in mind when the anxious thoughts start getting too loud...)



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