Thursday, July 3, 2014

I Got a Question for You

Lady Drunkards: You know how you go to the bathroom, and you realize your period is starting, and you think to yourself:

my period? well shit that explains a lot.

Gentlemen Drunkards: How do you explain those weeks when you've been a total headcase emotional jerkwad?

My entire week makes sense to me now. never blame hormones and/or menses for your sense of entitlement/rage/free-floating dissatisfaction with all life has to offer?  Is that what's it's like to be male 24/7?


I can't even.

OK. Well, vive le difference.

Women be crazy, I guess.

But my period is starting, so don't fuck with me.



  1. Yeah well I'm frightened sick of women who are on their periods. Terrified.

    The old custom of ladies on the rag isolating themselves has a whole lot to commend it >:~|

    1. Hell hath no fury like a woman who just ruined her favorite panties. :P


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