Sunday, February 2, 2014

Why I'm Sad

I'm sad tonight. Sadness is a personal thing, and often the reasons behind sadness don't make sense to anyone else. And that's OK. Your sadness is yours, and mine is mine. Here's why I feel sad tonight:

1. The Broncos played a crap-ass game and lost the Super Bowl. And although it means less than nothing in the scheme of things that actually matter to people in the world, I was sad that they played so badly.

2. Bob Dylan did a commercial for Chrysler. I don't care about the patriotism/ideology/money behind it. He has every right to shill for a car company. I'm just sad that he did it.

3. People got all butthurt over the Coke ad featuring "America the Beautiful" being sung by Americans in different languages. I'm so tired of an intolerant minority defining what it means to be American for everyone else. If you feel that America is so weak and fragile that it can't withstand a little diversity, then why the hell are you still here?

4. The season finale of "Sherlock" made me sad. Yes, it's a TV show about a fictional character. It made me sad. Doesn't mean I don't understand the real suffering of real people. I do. "Sherlock" still made me sad.

5. At the end of the day I am alone in this world. That's actually pretty empowering. But a small, sad part of me would like to believe it were otherwise. It isn't. So I must conquer the sadness and embrace the feeling of being without anyone to depend on or be dependent on me.

There's nothing here I can't deal with. That's the good thing about sadness. It can be dispatched. You just have to be tougher than it is - and it's not very tough, it's just a good actor.

Here's to happier days, for all of us.


  1. While I'm not physically beside you, you're so not alone. Reach out to any of us Drunkards and I think a majority of us will drop everything and head your way.

    And Sherlock was way, way sad.

  2. I kind of thought Phillip Seymour Hoffman might make the list. I've spent most of the past year sad. This too shall pass.


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