Thursday, February 27, 2014

Look, I'm BuzzFeed!

I'm addicted to BuzzFeed quizzes. Of course I am. How the hell else would I know what kind of cheese I am or which parallel dimension I should actually live in or how easily amused I am?

I don't simply want to take a quiz any more. I want to be a quiz. Dammit, it's my turn to be Benedict Cumberbatch and Michael Fassbender dancing at the Golden Globes. I want random people to be interested in how they stack up against me based on utterly random criteria. I need this.

So, with the help of QuizWorks, I've turned myself into a litmus test for all you dreamers out there who have ever wondered if maybe you have what it takes to be like Chuck.

That's about it, really.

Humor me, people. Take the damn quiz. Click here and take the damn quiz.


  1. Dirtbag Blogger Lite
    Try drinking more and achieving less


    I am not sure what a dirtbag blogger is, and I have read neither Little Women nor Fear And Loathing in Las Vegas. So I had to guess on those two.

  2. Only 38%. When I fail I fail...but not in a big enough way to be a spectacular Edward Bulwer Lytton type failure.

    What's truly shocking is that it said I'm 25% a wheel of cheddar. How did it know I eat that much cheese?

  3. Yes! I am in fact a dirt bag blogger. but apparently only barely... 60%

  4. We're twins. Although, my liver is prepping for a work out I'll be giving it in May at a conference.

  5. The Salinger question threw me (He's dead, isn't he dead?)

    1. Of course, he's dead. I relate to a lot of dead people. Dead people are cool.



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