Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sherlocked and Loaded

Tonight at 8:58 p.m. CT, Precocious Daughter and I will be glued to the TV to watch the Season 3 premiere of "Sherlock."

That's quite interesting.
We're really excited. Of course, PDaughter is excited because this will be her second viewing of the premiere.

She's already watched all three episodes of Season 3. She live-streamed them from the BBC when they originally aired.

Because if she hadn't, she would have had to stay off Tumblr for 18 days.

If you didn't hear, Tumblr pretty much had a nervous breakdown following the British premiere.

It's very entertaining, but there are spoilers, but it doesn't matter
because none of them make any sense. You've been warned.
There is no reasonable way to keep a 14-year-old fangirl off Tumblr for two and a half weeks. So naturally she had to hack into the BBC to watch "Sherlock" as it happened. I opted to wait for the U.S. premiere tonight, but from the steady commentary coming from the bedroom as she watched on the computer, I can tell you the following about what to expect from this season:

Oh. My. Goooooosssssshhhhhh.



Oh nooooo!




Such feeeeeeeeeels.

And that's just Episode 1.

When Episode 3 aired on the BBC last week, Tumblr literally fainted.

I'm not even going to link to the BuzzFeed article on how the fandom
reacted to Episode 3. You can't handle it.
PDaughter is not only way excited about seeing Season 3 again, she insists on DVRing the episodes so can watch them over and over, as she's watched the first two seasons over and over. Her fangirlness is addictive, so I'm definitely along for the ride.

Also, I've heard a rumor - maybe you heard it, too - that Sherlock possibly maybe didn't actually die at the end of Season 2. I'm not sure I'm prepared for the feels.

You lying, magnificent bastard.
In conclusion, I'd like to thank the company I work for for having MLK Day be a paid holiday. I'll need tomorrow to recover. From the feels.


  1. Hey, catching up. You asked for feedback about the blog -- here's my 2 cents. I like posts like this way more than I like Tabby. Just sayin'.

  2. Does the phrase "No shit, Sherlock", refer to Watson complaining that the laxative didn't work?


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