Saturday, June 15, 2013

Friends of Kermit

Gosh, I love Kermit the Frog.

You can just tell he would never call you names
or make you eat flies against your will.
Kermit is a very popular frog-about-town. He's a hopper and a croaker. And he has some very high-powered friends. It's enough to make you green with envy.

Someday I'd like to have my picture taken with Kermie. I'd post that shit on my blog every day for a month. But until that happens, here are some pictures of Kermit with his equally awesome friends.

Kermit and Alec Baldwin.
Kermit and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.
Kermit and Cee-Lo "It's Not Easy Bein'" Green.
Kermit and Dolly Parton. "Kermit, honey, my eyes
are up here."
Kermit and Ellen DeGeneres, proving love knows no species.

Kermit, John Cleese, and friend.
Kermit and Lady Gaga. All is forgiven after the
incident with the dress...maybe.
Kermit and FLOTUS in a bipartisan moment.
(Kermie is a member of the Green Party, of course.)
Kermit putting the bite on Vincent Price.
(This .gif may not be rendering properly - let me know, OK?)
Kermit and Pee-Wee Herman! But where is Pterri?
Kermit and Sofia Vergara, of whom
I've never been envious until now.
Kermit and Wilmer Valderrama, in Instagramerrama.
Kermit and Wolf Blitzer, talking about what douches
the guys at Fox News are (probably).
Love you, KTF. I'm ready for my close-up whenever you are. Call me - we'll go swamping.

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