Thursday, May 30, 2013


I started this great post today...and then my day fell apart. I ended up having to work late, which meant I had to race across town to make Precocious Daughter's end-of-year awards ceremony

and will someone please tell me how to disable the sensor that slows all the other cars to 10 mph below the speed limit when it detects that I'm in a freaking hurry

which meant I had to skip dinner, which meant that suddenly being on a Prozac deficit this week became a lot fucking harder, which meant I got a little screamy while driving.

But not as incisor-y.

Now I'm home, fed, medicated, proud of PDaughter, but completely wiped out. So the great post I started will have to wait until tomorrow, unless some fresh batch of catastrophes rears its head(s).

I will give you a W swear for the A to Z Swearing Challenge, however.

So. Many. Wankers.

But for the moment I'm hitting the pause button, and the wankers will have to wait.

I know from experience that they're not going anywhere.

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  1. I love that word. My new guy is English and when he says it, I just love it. Well, I pretty much love everything that comes out of his mouth, but that's neither here nor there. Can't wait to read the rest of the post!!


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