Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Am I Blue?

Skipping today's A to Z Swearing Challenge entry. I'll make it up tomorrow.


Sad T is sad.
And also pities the fool.

Anyway, in lieu of alphabetical foul language, here's a public service announcement.

If you're feeling like crap because you came home from work and found that your estranged spouse had been poring over old photos of happier times all day and was feeling nostalgic and sad and wanting to make everything all right by simply waving a magic wand over all the terrible things that had happened, and you couldn't find the words to express how completely impossible that is because even at this point you can't find it in your heart to hurt him as badly as it would hurt him to make a clean break of it, even though that makes you feel weak and selfish and feeling that way all the time is part of what you're trying to get away from in the first place...

...then I'd like to suggest that an evening of helping your kid paint her bedroom while listening to Fitz & the Tantrums and Green Day is an excellent antidote to sensations of helpless anger and emotional exhaustion.

The scientific term for this therapeutic effect is
"nyuk nyuk nyuk."
And if you only get one wall done in an evening...that's just three more sessions of therapy still ahead.

The bottoms of my feet are a pretty shade of blue, because I always paint barefoot. It's a very peaceful color. I may spend the rest of the evening staring at my feet.

And drinking. But I guess at this point that goes without saying.

Also, I have to think of a swear word that begins with W. Is "whyioughta" a word? It should be.

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  1. Those days suck. Glad you got some paint therapy!! Have you been able to finish the room yet?? {hugs}


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