Thursday, April 25, 2013

The ABCs of D-I-V-O-R-C-E

Because I like to rhyme stuff.

And cats with fur-hearts.

A is for anger,
A waste of my time
B is for bitch,
Which some people say I’m
C is for crying
Much more than I should be
D’s for divorced –
I thought I never would be
E is for ever
And ever, amen
F is for fucked…
Lately I haven’t been
G is for grief
For a thing that has died
H is for head,
Spending too long inside
I is for if
You say “boo,” I’ll begin
J is for jumping
Right out of my skin
K is for kindness,
For which I am grateful
L is for letting go
When things get hateful
M is for me,
Whom I’m getting to know
N is for nothing
I’m willing to show
O is for over
If you haven’t heard
 P is for pfffft
A good all-purpose word
Q is for quitter
Which right now I feel like
R’s for reborn
Which I’d much rather be like
S is for someone
Who may not exist
T is for trying
To make up what I’ve missed
U is for used up
And hung out to dry
V’s for the veil
That was pulled from my eyes
W once was for we
But not now
X – what I’ll have to get used to
Y is for yesterday,
Or simply for why
Z doesn’t work,
So I’ll just say goodbye.


  1. Oh my gawd! Are you shittin' me?! I swear that there's something in the air right now. So many of my friends' marriages are dissolving this spring, and other couples I know (in real life and online) are also splitting up, including The Manchild & me...

    I know it's no consolation prize, but I love your poem. I also love you! I'm so sorry sweet pea!

  2. I know it was written out of pain, but damn, girl, that's some solid poetry.


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