Monday, January 7, 2013

A Little Something to De-Lurk To

As I wrote yesterday, it's International De-Lurking Week (and thanks to Stirrup Queens for the heads-up).

I wholeheartedly support the concept of de-lurking.

C'mon out. We won't hurt you.
There's nothing wrong with just anonymously reading a blog, a website, or a Facebook page and then moving on. But it's nice to actually knock on the door and say hello, too. Believe me, we who write appreciate the feedback. George Takei, who has 26 bajillion followers, appreciates it just as much as I, who have somewhat fewer, do.

I'm not asking anyone to become a Constant Contributor or, Lord forbid, a troll. I'm just saying, if you read this blog now and again and derive some small bit of enjoyment and/or annoyance from coming here, take a moment this week and let me know. Or do it for some other site you anonymously frequent. After this week you can go back to the shadows. Hey, I like the shadows, too. They're warm and dark and don't criticize. Still, the sun feels nice in measured doses.

Everything in moderation.
Here, I'll make it easy for you. I'll give you a statement, and you fill in the blanks. That's all. Or just say "hey." Whatever you want. Come on, little guy. You can do it.

Here we go:

The first time I _______________, I thought I was going to _______________.!


  1. I just finished moving, so I am living in chaos and squalor. Someday it will be clean, and I will put up a velvet rope. I should post this in the "beer label in couch" page, but I am not there, and I AM here. I'm not exactly a lurker -- just wanted to say that I miss seeing Esther....

  2. I miss her, too, Ms. O. She's showing up whenever she can.

  3. Oh... Well, now I have a conundrum. I'm lurking. I am totally stalking you at this very moment. I totally warned you on your most recent post though. So, umm...


    (I was going to go after that so I didn't start to creep you out, but then I remembered that I really like doing that type of thing, so I'm still here, and now I'm going to finish that statement with the first thing that comes to mind when I re-read it right after this, because my therapist says I need to "stop over analyzing things to the point of confusion for all who are near you" and because it sounds like fun.)

    The first time I rode an escalator, I thought I was going to get my pants caught at the top and be stuck in a never ending cycle of revolving around a giant dirty belt and that I would spend the rest of eternity being forced to smell people's feet.
    Because when you're 6, that makes complete sense.


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