Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hair and There

Rule #1 of looking for a job: always look your best.

And have a strong resume.
So I went out and got my hair cut this morning. I've been growing out my hair for almost a year, because I'm stupid. Seriously, my hair doesn't look good long. I do this every few years: try to grow it long, kid myself that I'm going to have a shiny flowing mane when it's "done" growing (as if it were one of those sponge capsules that you put in water and it turns into a ferocious dinosaur, only with less body), end up wearing it up almost all the time because it looks like crap when it's down, then give up and get a cute short style. Repeat.

I'm well aware of Einstein's definition of insanity, yes.

To be fair, he seemed to have
the same delusion about growing out
his hair as I do.
But because I have an interview with some hoity-toity recruiter in the morning, I went and got it cut. And it's oh-so-cute, Drunkards. For reals. I looked like this:

...and now it looks like this:


Actually, my hair now looks basically the way it looks at the top of the blog. I don't think I'll wear the fedora to the interview, though. The recruiting agency I'm talking to doesn't strike me as particularly  hipsterish.

Man, I think I can, like, totally place you
with a situation. Like, 2% 401(k) match
copacetic with you, bro?
But you know, whatever. Copies of my resume, three professional references, check. Power hair, check. Still fit into the outfit I wore last time I interviewed for a job...

Remains to be seen. Wish me luck.

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