Friday, September 14, 2012

FML, Profile Picture Edition

One of my Facebook friends has a new profile picture. Because she went to the Democratic National Convention and met Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters and had her picture taken with him and now it's her profile picture and kill me now O Lord.

This man drives me to run-on sentences.
I want a cool profile picture. *kicks dirt*

One that's not Photoshopped. I mean, that would be easy. I could have a profile picture of me dressed as Slave Princess Leia sitting on Paul Ryan's lap if that were all there was to it. Or picking winkles with David Bowie. Or licking foie gras off Stephen Colbert's burnished chest. The possibilities are endless.

But then I'd think of my friend's real picture with real Dave Grohl. And I would be sad.

But inside I'd be all "Bitch, whyyyyy?"
It doesn't have to be Dave Grohl. It doesn't even have to be a rock star. Just someone famous, good-looking, and willing to be slobbered over. Or any two out of three. I can work with that.

Until then, I'm going to change my profile pic to this:



  1. We can make this our new mission. We will get you a pic w/ someone famous!

  2. If I could turn back time, I'd totally bring a camera to our fabulous meeting with Douglas Adams and snap a photo of you with him. That would be an awesome profile pic!



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