Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I Want to Write This Down Before I Forget It

I had a really vivid dream last night.

Like this, only I dream in color.
It was unusually lucid and very cool, so I just want to get it down before I inevitably forget how lucid and cool it was.

Here's what happened: My friend SuzyQ invited me to a concert at her office. So I went over there, where the band was setting up in what looked exactly like a wood-paneled family room.

The band was Rush.

Yep. Except Geddy's hair was shorter, and for some
reason Neil Peart had a beard.
So while they're setting up on a little platform stage in the corner - no roadies, they're tuning their own instruments - SuzyQ hands me a flyer. Turns out this is part of a free concert series she does every week at her company. I don't remember all the other acts on the flyer, but the next scheduled show was going to be Yes.

In the dream, I thought: "Wow."

Then Rush proceeded to do a set there in the paneled family room/SuzyQ's office. No light show, no huge amps, just the band playing their stuff and talking to the audience between songs. And there were about 15 people there, tops, just sitting on the floor and listening. And holding up lighters. It was a concert, after all.

Also, a lot of people were smoking cigarettes. I was vaping. Because that's what I do. And at one point Neil Peart asked if anyone had a cigarette. A bunch of people offered them up - I mean, if Neil Peart asks you for a cigarette, you give him a freaking cigarette - but he caught sight of my e-cig and said, "What's that?" So I showed it to him and told him about vaping. I said he could try it if he wanted, except it was empty. But Neil said that was OK, he would buy one for himself later.

I was going to put in a picture of
a Blucig, but when I Googled it
this picture came up, and it's
way cuter than a Blucig.
So Rush finished their set and started breaking down their stuff. I was hanging out with them while they did it, and we were just chatting. Because it's my dream, and in my dream I totally make small talk with Geddy Lee. Then I followed them outside, where they proceeded to load their gear into what looked like an old Volvo sedan. When I asked them why they had agreed to play a venue like this, they just looked me like "Hey, a gig is a gig."

Then Geddy said, "Well, we've got to get back to our tour," and they all got in the Volvo (I think Alex Lifeson was behind the wheel) and drove off.

And that was my incredibly cool dream.

SuzyQ, you're on notice: If you ever actually do this, I'd better be on the invite list. Just saying.

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