Friday, May 25, 2012

Three Day Weekend Checklist

I have a plan of action for the next three days.

Besides honoring our nation's war dead in a way
that doesn't involve characterizing their mortal sacrifice
as a "happy" holiday. Say what?
Here's what I've got lined up.

I've got my trusty Blucig for some extremely enjoyable vaping. Really, I've decided vaping is just the most fun you can have without getting cancer and smelling like a landfill fire. And hip. Soooo hip.

And in case you're wondering, I do not plan
to stop looking for excuses to post pictures of
hipster kitties any time soon.
I've got my Bug in the shop to (finally) get repaired. He's been sick, and now he's going to get better, thanks to a reputable local service facility and, most likely, the greater part of my tax refund check.

Not to mention the giant car-sized ice pack.
Those things are really hard to find.
 I have not a drop of alcohol in the house, and it's going to stay that way all weekend. There's definitely a future post to be written about my most recent episode of drinking. Right now it's being blocked by a large wall of personal embarrassment. On the other hand, when I get past that, it's going to be hilarious. Trust me.

Also, I still don't remember enough to actually write about it.
 I've got a date to play family board games with Beloved Spouse and Precocious Daughter. Which probably sounds incredibly dull to some of you. And maybe it will be. But I can't think of anything I'd rather do that doesn't involve a bottle of honey and Johnny Depp in his underwear.

I couldn't actually find a picture of Johnny Depp
in his underwear. But I had fun looking.
And...yeah, that's about it. Other than the usual housework and shopping and weekend stuff. When I said plan of action, I really meant plan of doing very little and enjoying the hell out of it.

And honoring the sacrifices of our nation's war dead. There's a reason it's called Memorial Day and not Practice Patriotism by Eating an Entire Bag of Flamin' Hot  Cheetos Day.

My Bug and I got a date with a tow truck. Later, gators.

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