Monday, April 23, 2012

Happy Shakespeare Day, Thou Cream-Faced Loons

By tradition, April 23 is marked as both the birthday and death date of William Shakespeare. We know he died on this day in 1616, and we think he may have born on this day, or at least thereabouts, in 1564. Which means that he produced the greatest body of written work in the history of the English language in precisely 52 years on this Earth. Which means that I'd better get cracking, because I have just under eight years to match Will's feat.**

I can totally accomplish this. I've already created, uh...

(reviews body of work)

Hey, here's a picture of Shakespeare!

What was I saying? I forgot. Forsooth.
Anyway, to commemorate the birth, death, and all the gooey parts in the middle of Shakespeare, here's a clip from "Sesame Street."

It's totally Shakespearean, I promise. It's got Patrick Stewart, who sounds Shakespearean taking a crap, I'll bet.

Um, brevity is the soul of wit. Too late? Probably.

One more thing: Thanks to Mr. Shakespeare, I have found my ideal job description and professional aspiration (courtesy of Troilus and Cressida): Idol of idiot-worshippers. I'm totally getting business cards made up with that.

** Speaking of feats, Happy Anniversary to my parents, who celebrate 48 years of weddeditude today. Way to set the bar impossibly high for the rest of us. Love you.

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