Saturday, March 3, 2012

Video Saturday: Cuddly Toy

I was going to use today's Video Saturday to make a commentary on Rush Limbaugh's attack on Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke. But I couldn't find a song called "You Stupid Fat Fucking Troll Take Your Hateful Demagoguery and a Habanero Suppository and Shove Them Both Up Your Ass and I Hope Your Insurance Doesn't Cover Emergency Rectal Surgery."

So instead I'm going to post a Monkees video to honor Davy Jones, whose death this week continues to make me so, so sad. This is one of my favorite songs, and a wonderful performance by Davy.

I'm also going to go off and write a song called "Geddy Lee Should Sue Rush Limbaugh for Defaming the Name of His Awesome Band by Being Such a Fucking Asshole." Key of G, I think.

I love you, Davy.

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