Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Rush to Judgment (See What I Did There?)

So, in last Saturday's post, which started out as a video tribute to Davy Jones but may have become slightly tinged with political commentary - there's such a fine line between politics and low, stupid entertainment, isn't there? - I said I was going to write a song called "Geddy Lee Should Sue Rush Limbaugh for Defaming the Name of His Awesome Band by Being Such a Fucking Asshole."

You laughed. You did laugh, didn't you? Because my entire existence depends on somebody out there finding me marginally funny. But I digress.

To recap:

It turns out I am prescient and also know the future. Behold the power of music and crabby bloggers!

This morning reports that Rush the awesome band is pissed off at Rush the asshole for using its music during his radio show. As well they should be. I'm not imtimately familiar with the politics of Geddy, Neil, and Alex (beyond their individual and collective philanthropic involvement in UNICEF and other causes), but at a guess I'd say they lean somewhere between "dude, check out this six-minute bass arpeggio I just worked out" and "man, I'm glad we're Canadian so we don't have to vote for any of these morons." So they're demanding that Rush the asshole stop using "Spirit of the Radio" or any other Rush the awesome band song during his daily bilious contamination of the airwaves. That's right, not even "Cygnus X-1 Book I: The Voyage," which by the way would make a fabulous outro. On someone else's program.

Peter Gabriel has made the same demand, by the way. He's awesome, too. Say, doesn't Rush the asshole play any American music during his show? Seems pretty fishy to me.

In any event, Rush the awesome band, I have your back. I'm glad to publicize your cause. And although I fully support your return to a more guitar-driven sound in recent years, I'd be down with a few old-style synth riffs on your next album if you wanted to go there. Just putting that out there.

Gotta back to my songwriting. What rhymes with "blowhard"?

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