Friday, March 16, 2012

Giving a Whole New Meaning to "Polling Place"

I can only imagine that the bureaucrats in the Texas state capital are as busy as Porta-Potties at a chili cookoff lately. So many new laws were passed during the most recent legislative session. Voters have to show I.D. at the polls to prove they're not dead, illegal, or Democrats. Doctors have to perform sonograms they didn't order to women who don't need them to prove that conservative men are in charge of their business. It's a wonder the Legislature had any time to devote to education finance reform.


D'oh! I knew I was forgetting something during the long months
of my utterly futile Presidential campaign.
Anyway, it now falls on the hard-working government staff in Austin to make sure the public is aware of all the new definitions of "liberty" that were vomited signed into law last year. It's a never-ending process of education and notification in every corner of the state.

I'm sure they're doing a great job.

All I'm saying is, when I show up to vote in the Texas primary on May 29, the damn wand had better be heated. What are my tax dollars paying for, anyway?

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