Friday, February 17, 2012

One o' Them Psychomalogical Tests

Pop quiz, Drunkards. Identify the subject of this photograph:
Did you say:

a) Two chocolate truffles
b) Googly Muppet eyes
c) Tits

Every single guy: You said tits, didn't you?

Really, dudes?
Because I said googly Muppet eyes. Like a decent human being.

Of course, the correct answer is chocolate truffles. The one on the left is Irish cream, and the one on the right is raspberry. They were delicious.

Tits? Really? What is wrong with men? Not every pair of vaguely round objects looks like breasts, guys. Sheesh.

Those totally look like gonads. Or an extremely hungover Muppet.

But for goodness' sake, sometimes a chocolate is just a chocolate.

Hey, guys? Stop motorboating my truffles. I'm gonna eat those.

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