Friday, February 24, 2012

Old Guy Friday

Happy Friday. Which it kind of isn't, because I'm having sort of a crappy morning/day/week/life cycle, but let's not have that spoil our fun.

Instead let's talk about Abe Vigoda!

Abe! Abe! Abe!
Abe Vigoda is 91 years old today - happy birthday, man. Sincerely. Now, last year I created NCAA-style brackets that proved conclusively that Abe Vigoda is the coolest celebrity who celebrates his birthday on February 24. In case you missed it, here's the link to that post so you can revel in the awesomeness of the man I call the Once and Future Fish:

Abe Vigoda Sweet 16 Birthday Brackets

Next up: Steven Tyler. Um...did you see him strip down to his skivies on "American Idol" last night?

Not Ryan Reynolds, but not bad for a 63-year-old dude. Steven Tyler cracks me up. Whenever he hugs someone on "Idol," I always find myself wondering what he smells like up close. Patchouli? Ben-Gay? Old Spice? Cured leather? Generic old-man smell? I'll bet his hair smells good, though.

And finally, let's talk Sir Paul at the Grammys last weekend.

This man turns 70 in a few months, but he rocked the shit out of the Grammys. My favorite part of the finale was the fact that Dave Grohl looked as if he was going to wet himself with excitement over singing and playing behind Paul McCartney. I would have reacted the same way, except I would have tried to sneak a kiss while I was up there. Probably best that Dave didn't go there.

But here's the thing, Paul - I can call you Paul, because you've been my boyfriend in my mind for 30 years - here's the thing. Please stop dyeing your hair that awful shade of penny-loafer brown. Please. Do it for me. Or as you yourself might say, please please me. Oh, yeah.

See what I mean?

You don't see Abe Vigoda trying to make himself look younger, is what I'm saying. Use him as a role model, Sir Paul.

But maybe not so much Steven Tyler. No offense, Steve, but just because you can bare your ass to America doesn't mean you should.

Rock on, old dudes. Happy Birthday, Abe!

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