Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ten Days Until Metropolis!!

Omigosh omigosh omigosh...

It's almost time to see Giorgio Moroder's 1984 musical version of Metropolis at the Inwood Theater in Dallas!

That's right, we're coming up on Saturday, November 5. Bestest Friend and I will be there, getting our Metropolis groove on. Will you?

C'mon, join us! And let me know if you're going to - there's an event on the Always Drunk Facebook page just for it!

So for today's whet-your-Metropolis-appetite film clip, here's a scene that's not from the Moroder version, but from the orginal. It's the scene where the robot Maria seduces a roomful of wealthy men with a suggestive dance while Freder has a vision of Babylon from his sickbed. Let me tell you, in the musical version, this scene doesn't make much sense (although the music and visuals are kick-ass), and in the unrestored silent film, it makes almost no freaking sense at all. The uncut original seen here finally restores a lot of bits and pieces that make the allegory clear. And it's amazing.

Now that's robot dancing. And so is this.

Ten days - woohoo! 

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