Saturday, September 17, 2011

Video Saturday: I Am...I Said (for my mom)

Today is my mom's birthday!

Now, my daddy and I have something in common besides loving my mom very much: We're both computer-savvy people married to technophobes. So my mom won't exactly sit down at her computer to read my blog today. In fact, if you know my mom, just that sentence is enough to make you giggle incredulously.

But that's OK. My mom loves books, and music, and needlework, and baking, and she passed all those loves on to me. Not coincidentally, Precocious Daughter now loves all those same things, thanks to her Grammy. (Mom kept her green thumb for herself, unfortunately, which is why PDaughter and I kill everything we plant. No one's perfect.)

My earliest and best memories of my mom are the ones involving music. She always cleaned to music. She would stack a couple of albums on the spindle of the turntable and drop the needle while she went through the house. I'm sorry, was I speaking ancient Greek there?

This is a turntable. The black disc is a record album.
Not pictured: 8-track tape deck.
The records she used to play are still among my all-time favorites. Linda Ronstadt's Different Drum. Seventh Sojourn by The Moody Blues. Joan Baez' Diamonds and Rust. And more than any of those, Neil Diamond's Hot August Night, the double-album concert album that I know note-for-note to this day.

Hot August Night is one of the greatest live albums ever. And Neil Diamond, of course, is awesome. And it always, always reminds me of my mom. This is nearly unthinkable in this day and age, but the original 1972 Greek Theatre concerts that make up this album were not filmed. A huge tragedy. So for my video tribute to my mom, I found a clip of Neil singing "I Am...I Said" live from about the same time. Because his hair and his polyester shirt must be seen to be believed.

Daddy, show this to Mother, please. Mom, Happy Birthday! I love you!

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